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Current Travel Schedule:

July 15 - 18:  San Diego, San Clemente

July 17 & 20: San Diego ComiCon

July 19: Palm Springs

July 22-23: Fresno, Bakersfield, CA

July 24: Oxnard, CA

July 25 - 26: San Diego, La Mesa

July 29 - August 30:  Cambridge Hospital, MA

Sept 3: Palm Springs

Sept 4 - 6: San Diego

Sept 10:  Fresno

Sept 11 - 12: San Diego, La Mesa

Oct 4 - 7: Presentation at "Psychology of the Other" Conference, Cambridge, MA

Sports / Entertainment

Hackney Publications Launches Concussion Litigation Reporter, Providing Timely Analysis on Developments and Strategies in the Emerging Legal Practice Area of Sports Concussions
DMR listed as potential expert witness, see BWTP and this resource


Pain Management in Athletes: DMR Participation in Panel Discission




Professional wrestling should not be expected to be “politically correct” nor should it be PC.  The aim of professional wrestling is to entertain the audience; the goal of wrestling promotions is to be profitable; presenting non-PC “story-lines” is one of the draws that, for better or worse, serve both of those purposes.

Nonetheless, many wrestling promotions, large and small, have endeavored to be socially responsible outside of the squared circle – holding benefit programs, supporting the Armed Forces, WWE’s recent anti-bullying PSA’s, etc.

Wrestlemania 28, April 1, 2012 will highlight a match between CM Punk and Chris Jericho, fighting for the self-proclaimed title of “The Best Wrestler in the World.”  There is no argument from this quarter that if not the best, these two men are truly among the few very best “at what they do.”

Read the rest of the article here - WRESTLMANIA 28 – NON-PC, BUT SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE?



“CHAD DEITY” – Professional Wrestling is Real Life

David M. Reiss, M.D. 

Written by Kristoffer Diaz
Directed by Edward Torres
Currently being performed at The Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles,through October 9, 2011
Kristoffer Diaz – biographical data:

An actor portraying a fictional pro wrestler is Real Life??? The voices of characters in Pulitzer Prize finalist “The Elaborate Entrance of CHAD DEITY” by Kristoffer Diaz the drama, pathos, humor, and conflict of life powerfully and effectively.  “Chad Deity” is a story about professional wrestling.  There is not one character in the show who is not “in the industry.”   Yet the story affects every one of us, wrestling fan or not, regardless of identity or social position; as timely  as headlines scrolling by right now on the Internet pertaining to politics, racism, business and the economy, and personal integrity.

Those of us with connections to professional wrestling as an art form understand that for a wrestling show to reach the fans there must be more than violence or acrobatics or a simplistic “good-trumps-evil” depiction of morality.  A good match tells a story.   Wrestlers pride themselves in their ability to convey a story through action in the ring.  Professional Wrestling does not connect with fans by providing a competitive athletic exhibition with the primary focus upon determining “who is #1!”  The dynamic interactions between wrestlers and their fans go far beyond rooting for the home team or simply “rooting for the good guy and hating the bad guy” (or visa versa).  Intense emotions and psychological complexes are being activated by the implicit story that occurs within the match even more than by the explicit “storyline” developed by the promoter.

Read the rest of the article on Chad Deity here.

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Why Wrestling?

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Paper for the Cauliflower Alley Club-

Inter-generational Competition

The Emotional Impact of Wrestling Storylines Mirroring Contemporary Social Issues

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Mesmer, Freud, The Amazing Polgar – and Pay-Per-Views

The Contribution of Hypnotism to the Art and Science of Contemporary Professional Wrestling

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