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Provisional 2015 Travel Schedule:

January 5-8: Oxnard, Fresno, Bakersfield CA

January 9: Palm Springs, CA

January 10-16: San Diego, CA

January 20-22: Fort Lauderdale, FL

January 23-24: Boston, MA

January 26 – February 28: Brattleboro, VT

February 13-15:  NYC

March 2: San Diego, CA

March 3-4: Fresno, Bakersfield, CA

March 5: Palm Springs, CA

March 6: San Diego, CA

March 9-10: Orange County, CA

March 11-14: San Diego, CA

March 16 – April 3:  NYC, Boston, Brattleboro

March 18-20: Speaking at the International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis and the International Psychohistory Association

April 5-6: Fresno, Bakersfield, CA

April 7-8: World Congress of Sports, Los Angeles

April 12-15: Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion, Las Vegas

April 24-25: Indy Sportz Film Fest Experience, Toronto

April 26-May 22: NYC, Boston, Brattleboro

For Athletes & Performers



Psychological and Interpersonal Costs

Gladiators in the 21st Century: Violence and Injuries in Athletics
Center for Sports Law and Policy
Thomas Jefferson School of Law
San Diego, California
10 November 2012

Academic researchers, professionals and the general media are paying increased attention to issues of trauma, depression, head injury and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – and the associated human costs.  Recent high-profile tragedies in the athletic community, in active-duty and veteran military personnel and within the entertainment industry, as well as horrendous public acts of violence, have focused concern upon these issues.

Read the entire article here.

Pain Management in Athletes: DMR Participation in Panel Discussion

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ONE@EQUILIBRIUMSupporting the members of the athletic community in maintaining healthy balances between mind and heart, knowledge and emotion, competition and compassion and desire/impulse and accountability.  Understanding the process of gaining, maintaining and valuing balance as an individual and in relationship and group settings.


Talented individuals with media exposure, including professional and college athletes, actors, singers and others in the entertainment industry, are at increased risk for encountering psychological and interpersonal challenges.  Those participating in “contact”/violence competitive sports are particularly subjected to unique provocations. 

By virtue of their environment and circumstances, developing emotional security and unbiased accountability is often difficult.  Talented individuals are provided with many benefits but at the same time, they are often exposed to circumstances that directly or indirectly interfere with maintaining psychological equilibrium.

This may lead to dysfunctional, self-defeating or even dangerous decision-making and behaviors and/or the development of anxiety and/or depression.

Situations in which the individual finds him or herself can jeopardize personal well-being, career potential and “brand” and can adversely impact relationships with friends, family or those who engage their services (sports franchises, colleges, media outlets, sponsors and individual supporters).

ONE@EQUILIBRIUM recognizes the specific circumstances and potential difficulties that face these individuals and organizations, including but extending beyond substance abuse, into areas of physical and emotional health, pain management, interpersonal relationships, character development and media image. 

ONE@EQUILIBRIUM provides educational intervention, support systems and individualized services to promote well-being, emotional health and stability.

ONE@EQUILIBRIUM recognizes that interventions to support the development of talented persons must be modified due to the unique positive benefits and negative life stresses that are present.

ONE@EQUILIBRIUM recognizes that addressing the interpersonal, emotional, behavioral, medical and general life challenges facing active and veteran athletes and entertainers is significantly more complicated than simply providing a “prescription” focused on one specific “area of difficulty” or “symptomatology” – or having different “experts/specialists” each address separate realms of expertise without a careful integration of approaches. 

ONE@EQUILIBRIUM respects the individuality of each man and woman.

ONE@EQUILIBRIUM addresses the totality of character, accountability and Emotional Maturity.

Issues Addressed:

  • Anxiety and Depression
    • Removing the stigma of dealing with mental health problems
    • Recognizing signs and symptoms of emotional discomfort vs. dissatisfaction vs. clinical anxiety and/or depression
    • Understanding the risks and dangers of not attending to mood deterioration
    • Structuring effective support and networking
      • Preventive/Proactive
      • Reactive/Responsive
      • Crisis Intervention
    • Providing access to appropriate professional intervention


  • Pain Management, Substance Abuse and Addiction
    • Understanding issues related to use of all types of addictive substances
      • Prescribed medications/analgesics, alcohol, cocaine, narcotics etc.
      • Use and abuse of performance and physique enhancing substances, including anabolic steroids, peptides, nootropics, and other agents.
      • Optimal pain management and safe use of medications to treat acute and chronic pain or mood disorders.
    • Understanding behavioral addictions, including pathological gambling and sexual addiction.
    • Recognition of addiction as a multi-faceted disorder requiring a comprehensive approach involving the integration of medical, psychological, family and spiritual interventions.


  • Personal Character Development
    • Appreciating the vulnerability of talented individuals due to often having been seen as “different” and treated “preferentially” in both positive and negative ways since a young age
    • Supporting ongoing development of mature character, sound judgment and accountability
    • Supporting autonomy and independence and avoiding over-reliance and dependency upon others, both benign and pernicious
    • Understanding the particular challenges faced by talented individuals who are coming from backgrounds of discrimination, deprivation, family dysfunction and/or abuse
    • Differentiating between personal character and public persona
    • Understanding the unique issues that occur during the course of a high-profile professional career (development, success/failure, retirement)


  • Interpersonal Relationships
    • Family
    • Personal/Intimate Relationships
    • Peers
      • Integrating competition and camaraderie / mutual protection
    • Coaches, administrators, promoters, investors, sponsors, advisers, etc.
    • Media
    • Fans
    • Friends
      • “Entourage”



  • Educational seminars, meetings and individual consultations
    • Providing plain-language, realistic, “no bullshit” information
  • Developing an effective peer-to-peer support system:
  • Debriefing:
    • After a serious injury to a teammate or opponent;
    • After involvement in an intense goodwill endeavor (children’s hospital visits; Make-A-Wish, etc.)
  • Suggestions, recommendations and/or direct referral for specific interventions, medical treatment and/or mental health treatment
  • Crisis Management


ONE@EQUILIBRIUM provides confidential and individualized intervention to persons or organizations dealing with any of the areas described above.


Developing Support Networks

  • Private
  • Specific Sport/Industry-Limited
  • Competitive Professionals and Entertainers-Limited
  • For “significant others” of those in the public eye
  • Public
    • Social Media Contacts
  • Peer-to-Peer Discussions
    • Open
    • Scheduled
  • Peer-to-Peer Interventions
    • Phone
    • Skype
    • Personal
  • Professionally-Moderated Discussions
  • Professionally-Moderated Interventions  
  • Professional Referral Network
    • Counseling/Mental Health Treatment
    • Crisis Management
    • Hospitalization
  • Realistic Career and Post-Career Planning
  • Financial Security and Management



  • Discussions
  • Educational/Training
  • Pro-Active Interventions
    • Personal/Individual, Relationship, Locker Room, Company/Promotion
  • Crisis Intervention
    • Personal/Individual, Relationship, Locker Room, Company/Promotion


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Hackney PublicationsLaunches Concussion Litigation Reporter, Providing Timely Analysis on Developments and Strategies in the Emerging Legal Practice Area of Sports Concussions

July 3, 2012 – Austin, TX – Hackney Publications announced today the launch of Concussion Litigation Reporter (CLR), a monthly e-newsletter that will serve as a subscription-based component of its Concussion Policy & the Law “blog.” CLR articles will provide timely analysis on developments and legal strategies at the intersection of sports and concussions. Subscribers will also have access to sports law articles related to concussions, which have appeared in other Hackney Publications.  “By providing immediate access to insightful content and analysis, we are meeting the legal industry’s need for ongoing information,” said Editor-in-Chief Holt Hackney, who also oversees the editorial operations of six other sports law periodicals. Hackney also noted that Hackney Publications had reached an agreement with Paul D. Anderson, founder of the “blog” NFL Concussion Litigation, to become editor, providing exclusive bylined articles as well as valuable insight into other legal issues associated with sports concussions for CLR. “Paul is the country’s leading unbiased authority on NFL concussion litigation,” said Hackney. “We’re excited to start turning him loose on other areas of concussion litigation, like collegiate athletics and K-12 athletics, where it is only a matter of time before we see a similar flurry of lawsuits brought against defendants in those industries.”

The inaugural July 2012 issue of Concussion Litigation Reporter is being made available to the general public and the legal community FREE through July 31, 2012
Click here to view subscription options.

Vulnerabilities of Professional Athletes and Entertainers

Unexpected Suicide in a High-profile Athlete

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Aggressive Sports and Mutual Dependence

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